Exhibition Stand Design - Which Will You Choose?

Despite the continued advancement of online technology, social media and savvy digital marketing strategies, the old-style concept of a trade exhibition is still incredibly popular.  Exhibitions and trade shows are a great way to get your brand seen by potential clients, and they present valuable industry networking opportunities too. 

If you want to make a splash at such events, you'll need an effective exhibition stand with brilliant display signage that really grabs people's attention.  Here are a few suggestions for exhibition stand designs that will guarantee you maximum impact on your audience.

Outdoor banner stands

Outdoor banner stands are big, brash and bold attention-grabbers.  There are several different styles to choose from, all of which maximise the effect of your company signage. 

All the styles are designed to be portable and re-useable and are perfect if you want to use large 'in-your-face' graphics or text.  Outdoor banner stands can be quickly erected and taken down and are very lightweight for ease of transport and space-saving storage.  Choose from retractable roller banners, pull-up banners or simple, but effective, double-sided tension banners.

Pop Ups

Pop up stands work really well at trade shows and exhibitions.  They come in various sizes, are lightweight and compact, and fully portable.  The frame literally 'pops up' and locks into place allowing you to then locate fabric display panels onto it via magnetic bars.  The end result is a striking, seamless exhibition stand that works particularly well if your signage has lots of graphics included in the design.

Modular display stands

Modular display stands are simple fixtures used mainly for table-top displays and to hold small samples or branded company giveaways.  They consist of a number of modules that lock together to form the finished display. 

If you opt for a modular display stand, you'll probably need some additional signage in order to make an impact.  Modular display stands work best when used in conjunction with a larger, bolder style like a banner.

Traditional banner stand

Interestingly, the old-school style of exhibition stand is still one of the most popular.  A large banner is supported by two metal or plastic rods on either side of a small platform on which the exhibit is displayed.  This style can work really well with bold, impactful signage but is rather unwieldy to transport and erect.

In conclusion

Traditional exhibition stands supported by branded display signage still have a big part to play in the successful marketing of businesses large and small.  Have a chat with a signage supplier like On Show-South Brisbane for more ideas about how they can support your next exhibition venture.