4 Tips for Designing Your Shop Window Signs

If you run a retail store, you might need to have custom signage created for your front shop windows. These signs go along with whatever items or collections you are trying to display. Whether you are advertising a sale or showing a brand new collection you have in the store, the sign design and contents are very important. Here are some tips for designing an effective shop window sign.

Describe the Benefit to Consumers

The shop window sign is not like your main store sign that simply has your business name and possibly the types of products you sell. It is meant to advertise something to your customers and entice them to come inside. Think about a way your display will benefit your customers and include that on the sign. For example, if the new items in the shop window are all clothing items for fall, include a message on the sign about how these items are good for keeping warm and remaining stylish during the fall season. The customer needs to know why they should bother coming inside to see what you have to offer.

Keep it Simple and Straightforward

Signage should never be too busy or complicated, as that makes it hard to read and hard to notice from the street. Stick to one or two different font styles and sizes and no more than a few colours. It is okay to get creative instead of just having plain, black text, but when you start adding six different colours and fonts, it becomes overwhelming to the person viewing it. Make sure the most important information stands out, so also be careful about background patterns and colours being used.

Have the Style Match the Items

Another thing that can capture people's attention is by using the same style of the items you are selling with the style of the sign's text and imagery. If you are selling vintage items in your boutique, make a sign that represents romance and Victorian influences, using light pinks and whites, scrollwork on the sign, and handwritten text instead of bold text. These colors go very well with vintage items and can entice people that are interested in these types of items.

Place the Sign Carefully

When you are done having the sign made, place it very carefully in the window. You want it to be seen by people walking by and those that might be driving by. Don't place too may large items in front of it, as it will block the sign's contents for people who aren't standing right in front of it. Knowing where to place it so everyone can see it also helps you know what size font to use. When setting up the display window, stand across the street to see if it is high or low enough for the best visibility.