Some Commonly Asked Questions About LED Signage for Your Business

When you're ready to install a new business sign and know it needs some lighting, you may have been recommended to use LED lights. These are different than incandescent bulbs or neon lights, as they are simple diodes that emit light rather than using any type of gas or filament. Note a few questions you might have about LED signage for your business and why LED lights are often the most recommended for use today.

1. Are LED lights brighter or dimmer than standard bulbs and neon? 

LED lights are not necessarily brighter or dimmer than other forms of lighting; they can emit the same amount of light as any other bulb, when you choose something that gives off the same amount of what is called lumens. Lumens measures the brightness of light and you need to simply choose the number of LED bulbs or the type of bulbs that will offer the lumens you need for your business signage.

2. What is the difference between one color and monochrome?

This may seem confusing because the word monochrome may imply just one color. However, many business signs can be installed with a cluster of monochrome LED bulbs that, when used together, can create virtually unlimited color shades. Remember that all the colors you see are basic colors that are mixed together, and using this same principle with LED lights can offer you almost endless possibilities for the colors you want in your business sign. The term one color would then mean just one color of LED light, be that red or amber or another popular shade.

3. Are all LED lights the same?

As with standard incandescent bulbs, LED lights may have a wide range of quality features from which to choose. However, note that LED lights themselves use less energy than standard incandescent bulbs, so even if you were to choose a lower quality type of LED light, you would typically still save money on the electricity needed to keep your business sign lighted.

4. Can LED lights work on an outdoor message center?

If you want a scrolling message board, blinking lights, and the like, note that this type of effect is created by how the lights are powered, not by the lights themselves. You can typically use LED lights in any setup that you would normally use incandescent bulbs, including scrolling marquees, blinking lights, flashing lights, and the like.