Four Simple Tips for Beginners to Become Collectors of Military Medals and Awards

War awards and medals are a satisfying way of connecting with your military history. You can also earn a decent living while doing what you love, and welcome the selfless acts and brevity of former soldiers. If you are relatively new to collecting military medals, you may need to have some ideas to get you started. As you hone your skills, and acquire experience by collecting affordable pieces, you will eventually end up collecting rare and expensive pieces. This article highlights four tips to becoming a military medal collector.

Choose a Theme

Collecting military awards and medals falls in a broad area that would require you to narrow down your area of focus. For instance, you cannot opt to collect rare military medals when you do not have a specific focus in mind. A keen collector would start with a specific war, such as in the colonial era, or even narrow down to a given battle, such as the Battle of Pinjarra. You can also choose to concentrate on one regiment. For a novice collector, areas of specialization are diverse, giving you a wealth of experience as you grow into a renowned collector.

Understand the Industry

Flowing from your thematic focus, it is worth understanding aspects that determine the price of medals. If the story of the medals is of great historical significance, then they would definitely cost you an arm and a leg. Also, note that in any military setting, the value of gallantry awards rise considerably with a rise in grade. Another critical factor is the rarity of the medal in question. If in a given battle, only one medal was awarded to a particular military general, for example, then you can expect it to be every collector's dream. Furthermore, the condition of a medal also determines the value.

Immerse Yourself in Military History

If you want to become an expert collector, you will, first, need to understand your area of trade. You should bury yourself in the history of your area of focus to understand every nuance of the military history. You cannot overlook a particular battle of a war that is of significant historical meaning. As a student of history, you will identify all valuable medals and awards that may catapult you into the ranks of rare medal collectors.

Know where to look for

You should keep a keen eye on garage sales and antique shops, where family members may be willing to dispose of these unique items. Note that for an untrained eye; such a military piece may seem worthless, and thus, individuals may disregard its value unknowingly. For finer pieces, look out for military auctions. However, these pieces can be expensive for a collector just beginning the trade. Browse the internet and subscribe to military magazines, and in no time, you will become an ardent hunter of military medals and awards.