Growing Your Business By Promoting Your Brand

Any business requires promotion to be successful. Having a fantastic product or service to offer is simply not sufficient if potential customers are unaware of its existence. The most prosperous brands are those who have invested significant thought and effort into their promotion, aiming for the ideal that their brand will become synonymous with the product or service on offer.

Methods To Achieve Optimal Promotion

There are lots of ways to promote your brand or business but few as successful as the options listed below.

•Outdoor Signage

Billboards: Generally large outdoor signage platforms, billboards are designed to offer your brand maximum exposure. Billboard space can be rented but is quite costly. Alternatively, if your company/business has adequate outdoor space you may be able to erect your own billboard on the property, reducing long term cost. 

Pole Signs: Pole signs are usually placed on site and generally consist of two sections of signage erected on a tall pole: the higher section consisting of the brand name/logo and the lower section consisting of interchangeable letters for displaying important information such as opening times, special offers, etc. This type is a great option for those whose business is located just off road.

Wall Signs: Probably the single most important outdoor signage a business can have, wall signs promote your business identity. They confirm what your business is and where it is located. Wall signs add a professional aspect to your building and attract passersby.

Awnings: Awnings are generally made from canvas and will cover the front of your property. They add an aesthetically pleasing touch to your business and can be used for promotion and protection from the elements.

•Paper Based Promotions

Posters: Posters are a traditional but effective method of promotion. Posters can be created in various designs with the required amount of information included. Imagination really is the only limit when designing posters, but the key is ensuring the end result is eye catching for maximum impact. Posters are versatile and can be used in business premises, shop fronts, public spaces and outdoor areas.

Flyers: Flyers are an ideal way for businesses to reach out to their target market. Flyers are easily produced and distributed, ensuring the relevant information is received by a high volume of potential customers. As with posters, design is key. Flyers should be aesthetically pleasing and entice potential customers to read them.

Business Cards: Business cards are a staple for any brand. They offer a professional touch and ensure all important information can be easily held and accessed. Business cards can be left in various locations where potential customers are likely to frequent or can be distributed personally. 

•Vehicle Advertising

For companies that employ the use of vehicles, signage offers an opportunity to advertise the brand in numerous locations to a wide audience. Tarpaulin graphics, decals and 'wrap arounds' can all be used to promote a brand and offer maximum exposure.

The benefit of these advertisement opportunities is that they are now all available via digital printing. What was once a costly and complicated process has been simplified with the use of modern digital technology, ensuring means of promotion are now easily accessible to businesses of all sizes.​

What Is Digital Printing?

Digital printing is a method of printing whereby the document, design or graphic is sent straight to the printer from digital files, usually held on computer such as PDF files. Specifically designed software is readily available and advances in digital printing technology means that digital files can be printed onto a variety of media.

The Benefits Of Digital Printing In Promoting Your Business

Digital printing has become easily accessible in recent times and is steadily replacing more traditional methods of printing. Proving a much cheaper option, digital printing removes the need for extra equipment in the printing process such as printing plates and rubber sheeting. Promotional materials can be amended at little cost to businesses, and on demand printing is now easily facilitated.  Incorporating digital printing into the production of your promotional materials and signage will enable your business to benefit from advertising opportunities that would have been previously unattainable due to budget constructions. High volumes of printing can be carried out at a low cost, ensuring your brand receives optimal promotion without the extensive cost.